Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the Move - Again!

Over the course of my lifetime, I have moved more times than I can count. As a child, my mom and I moved very often and the pattern seemed to follow me into adulthood. Once Derrick and I met, we lived in a motorhome and the moving around continued.

2 years ago and 2 days before Alivia was born, we moved into the apartment we are currently in and in 6 days we will be moving again. This time, I hope and pray we wont be moving for again for a very long time. We have found what we belive the perfect little house for our family. We even have an option to lease to own after the first year. We are very happy to be getting out of our tiny apartment and into a house with a yard for Alivia and Little Bear (our dog).

That being said, it doesnt seem to matter how many times I've done it, moving is a pain in the you-know-what! The packing, cleaning, renting a truck and of course all of the money involved, is a nightmare. This time around, we decided to get rid of anything and everything that we wont be using in the new house. Needless to say, we have donated a ton of stuff and filled up the equivalent of 3 dumpsters of trash. Today we are down to just packing up the rest of what we're taking with us, minus what we need to leave out for the week.

This move is going to be great but the work involved sometimes has me thinking, "Is it really worth it to do it all over again?" Realistically, I know it will be and my family will be much happier. These days, that's all that matters to me :)

Here are some pictures of our new house:


  1. What a perfect hose, love it! Hood luck with the move, hope it will be the last one for a while :)

  2. Geez, fat fingers on the ipad... :) **house & good should it have been!

  3. LOL! Thanks Cat! Will keep you posted :)